SPACE (Gonggan)
SPACE, no. 1., November 1966, Image provided by CNB Media (SPACE)

SPACE (Gonggan)

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SPACE was a synthetic art magazine, first published by architect Kim Swoogeun in November 1966. In total 600 volumes were published up to the November issue in 2017. The magazine played a significant role in delivering news about domestic and international artworld news as the first specialized art magazine in Korea. For instance, the inaugural issue published texts by Jin Hong-seop and Park Seobo, and the second issue focused on the 33rd Venice Biennale. In 1960, Kim Swoogeun had founded an architectural design office, titled the Space Architecture Research Institute (now the Space Group). In terms of his other contributions toward encouraging the development of Korean contemporary culture, Kim also opened the Space Gallery in 1972 and a small theatre called the Gonggan Sarang in 1979. Until the 1980s, the magazine covered a diverse field of cultural interests, including architecture, art, and theater, however, it transitioned into a professional architecture magazine after changing the title to from Gonggan (Space) to SPACE from July 1994.
* Source: Multilingual Glossary of Korean Art. Korea Arts Management Service

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