Gyegan Misool
Gyegan Misool, no. 1., winter 1976, Image provided by Kimdaljin Art Archives and Museum

Gyegan Misool

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An art magazine first published in 1976 by the publishing arm of JoongAng Ilbo. Until 1988, the magazine was published on a quarterly basis. Then, from January 1989, the magazine has been published on a monthly basis, and the title was changed to Wolgan Misool. Wolgan Misool Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, and it publishes Wolgan misool to the present day. Of the numerous art magazines created during the mid-to-late 1970s, a growth period for the art market, Wolgan Misool boasted the strongest finances and longevity, and it heavily influenced the production and consumption of Korean art. Prominent critics, art historians, and writers all wrote for the magazine, including You Hongjune, Youn Bummo, Lee Youngchul, Ahn Kyuchul, Lee Tae-ho, and Kim Boggi. Starting with Chusa Kim Jeonghui in 1985, Gyegan Misool published a series of 24 art catalogues titled The Aesthetics of Korea, which was the first compilation of Korean antique art and relics.
* Source: Multilingual Glossary of Korean Art. Korea Arts Management Service

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