Hwarang Winter 1973, MMCA Digital Library Collection


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Hwarang was founded in September 1973 by Gallery Hyundai (a space former titled Hyundai Hwarang). The magazine’s motto was to provide a “young magazine created by young publishers, editors, and readers” and aimed to act as an intermediary between art and the public by discovering outstanding artists and their works. Art experts such as Oh Kwangsu, Park Raekyung, Lee Hongwoo, Lee Guyeol and Heo Younghwan participated as members of the editorial board. The magazine utilized a small size (19x13cm) for readers to hold and read it comfortably. The cover of the first issue was Cheon Kyung-ja’s A Portrait of a Lady, and each issue featured an interview with an artist, an atelier tour, a collector's essay, a review, and a discussion. It attempted to transform itself into Hyundaimisul (Modern Art) starting with the autumn issue of 1988 and continued until 1992. A total of 76 volumes (60 volumes of Hwarang and 16 volumes of Hyundaimisul) played a role in conveying knowledge to art dealers, buyers, and general art lovers, despite some criticism that they advertised artists excessively.
* Source: Multilingual Glossary of Korean Art. Korea Arts Management Service


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